Life Transitions


Baptism is the entry Rite into the Christian family. Lutherans baptize people of all ages. Parents are encouraged to bring their children for Baptism soon after the birth of their child. Young people and adults are also invited to be Baptized into the Christian faith. If you would like more information contact Pastor Tom Hartley.

First Communion

Preparation to receive the Lord's Supper is done with parents in conjunction with our Pastor. A class is taught every February, but children who are ready to start receiving Holy Communion are invited to prepare by independent study. Contact Pastor Tom Hartley if you would like more information.


Confirmation is actually Affirmation of Baptism. It is designed for Middle Schoolers who are preparing to profess their Christian faith and to say for themselves what their parents said for them at Baptism.


Weddings are performed inside the church or at other locations by our Pastor.
The First Step is to call the Church Office (772-287-8188) to reserve the day and set up your first appointment with the pastor conducting the wedding.

Funerals/Celebrations of Life

Our pastor is available to all who have lost ones they love. Services may be conducted in the sanctuary, at the funeral home, at the gravesite or at sea. We also do all we can to support those who are left behind. All services are Gospel-centered, relying on the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.