We at Immanuel Lutheran are called to go and do a variety of service events throughout the year as opportunities to do for others what they can not necessarily do for themselves.

The Evangelism Team – encourages all of us to "talk-it-up" about our faith. Living our faith is one thing, but the next step is talking to others about how God has changed our lives.

The Communications Team – publishes a weekly and monthly newsletter, is responsible for the maintenance of this web site, and generally publicizes all congregational activities so the community is aware of ways to connect with the congregation.

The Parish Development Team – are the visionaries who look into the future to discern what God is leading us to do. Currently we have 4 undeveloped acres adjacent to the campus; and we are in discussions with the Florida/Bahamas Synod to develop a satellite congregation in Tradition, a Port St. Lucie community.